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upgrade dvr

Why you need to upgrade that DVR

If your CCTV system uses a DVR, it may be time to consider upgrading to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). This newer technology is now available in a price range that makes better video surveillance accessible. Here we will review the changing technology that brought us to where we are in current CCTV systems, and […]

video surveillance

Better Video Surveillance: Upgrading is easier than you thought

Video surveillance is an integral part of any security plan. It can be intimidating to upgrade technology, but upgrading your CCTV system is easier than you may think.  Network-based IP CCTV systems have become more affordable as the technology has become more common, so that now better quality video surveillance is cost-effective. If you haven’t upgraded […]

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade your CCTV System

CCTV systems are a critical part of your life safety system, they help to maintain a secure property and provide a safe working environment to your people. If you have an older system and cameras, you may not be getting very much value from your CCTV monitoring or footage. IP-based megapixel systems can greatly improve […]

Replacing Batteries in your Exit Lights

Exit lights serve an important purpose – in the event of an emergency they light the way to safety. While exit lights are connected to a power source, they rely on battery operation during an emergency when the power may go out. Batteries are one of the top reasons exit lights fail (check out the […]

exit light

Top Exit Light Failures

Exit lights are an important part of your Life Safety system. It can be easy to overlook exit lights since they are a part of our everyday landscape. But it is imperative that you keep them working, not just because it is required, but because they will help to save lives in an emergency. Here we […]

smoke alarm

Time to replace your smoke alarm

Working smoke detectors or smoke alarms greatly decrease the risk of injury or death in a fire. Like any Life Safety device, smoke detectors and alarms need to be inspected, tested and replaced on a regular schedule to ensure they work effectively. Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors As we discussed in our blog Smoke Alarms, […]

fire hose

Fire Hose Testing

Occupant Use Fire Hoses The small hoses inside facilities are typically referred to as “Occupant Use Hoses.” This is a reflection of the fact that professional fire services will not use these hoses, but their own professional-grade hoses. Very seldom, if ever, will a fire department utilize the hose available within a facility and one […]

Why have your sprinkler gauges checked?

The importance of pressure gauges on a fire sprinkler system can sometimes be overlooked. It is a common misconception that if a pressure gauge is registering pressure then it is operating properly. We must first take a look at what these gauges are and how they are used in order to completely understand their importance […]

Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Active vs Passive Smoke Detection Air sampling smoke detectors are “active” systems which constantly sample the air from multiple points throughout the environment. Other smoke detection devices are “passive” systems. They rely on the heat of the smoke and the airflow of the room, for the smoke or heat to reach the detector. This can […]

clean agent system

Extend your Clean Agent System

Clean Agent Systems are a great way to protect your sensitive equipment and assets. It’s effective fire suppression with no water, residue or oily deposits. Now, you can extend your clean agent system by protecting several enclosed spaces from a single agent supply. Storing clean agent tanks within your IT room can cause problems including […]