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fire hose

Fire Hose Testing

Occupant Use Fire Hoses The small hoses inside facilities are typically referred to as “Occupant Use Hoses.” This is a reflection of the fact that professional fire services will not use these hoses, but their own professional-grade hoses. Very seldom, if ever, will a fire department utilize the hose available within a facility and one […]


Why have your sprinkler gauges checked?

The importance of pressure gauges on a fire sprinkler system can sometimes be overlooked. It is a common misconception that if a pressure gauge is registering pressure then it is operating properly. We must first take a look at what these gauges are and how they are used in order to completely understand their importance […]


Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Active vs Passive Smoke Detection Air sampling smoke detectors are “active” systems which constantly sample the air from multiple points throughout the environment. Other smoke detection devices are “passive” systems. They rely on the heat of the smoke and the airflow of the room, for the smoke or heat to reach the detector. This can […]

clean agent system

Extend your Clean Agent System

Clean Agent Systems are a great way to protect your sensitive equipment and assets. It’s effective fire suppression with no water, residue or oily deposits. Now, you can extend your clean agent system by protecting several enclosed spaces from a single agent supply. Storing clean agent tanks within your IT room can cause problems including […]


What is Swift Technology?

SWIFT stands for Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology. SWIFT systems provide a flexible, reliable solution for many applications that are problematic for traditional wired devices. SWIFT systems are a commercial wireless fire detection system using a robust, self-healing mesh technology. SWIFT sensors detect fire, just like their wired counterparts, while providing installation flexibility in a […]


Selecting Speakers for a Mass Notification System

A Mass Notification System (MNS) is a platform used to deliver a message to a group of people. This is a crucial aspect of a Life Safety system. When an emergency occurs, being able to deliver precise, clear instructions to those affected can make the difference between life and death. Standards and Codes regarding Emergency […]

Low frequency sounder

Requirements for Low Frequency Audible Alarms

Statistics show that smoke detectors and fire alarm systems save lives. As more homes and businesses have smoke alarm and fire alarm systems, the number of lives lost in fires has decreased. 520 Hz sounders are the next technological step in saving lives. 520 Hz signaling, also known as low frequency signaling, describes an audible […]


Server Room Fire Protection Options

You already know that you do not want a water based sprinkler system in your IT room where the water can harm your expensive electronics. Clean Agent systems are a great option for fire protection in server rooms. You can learn more about using a Clean Agent system in your server room here.  Another option […]

service department

Selecting a Service Company

Top 4 things you should ask when selecting a service company (or, to determine if you have the best service company for you)   How many years of experience does your service team have? You can learn two things from finding out the years of experience a service team has: 1. How much collective knowledge […]

Automated External Defibrillator

Why have an AED in your workplace?

Without early CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator, only about 2.5% of sudden cardiac arrest victims survive. But the initiation of early CPR and AED use within minutes, can raise a victim’s chance of survival to almost 80%. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen at any time, to anyone, of any age. When […]