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CNC & Machine Tool Fire Protection

The number of CNC machines throughout the world has grown dramatically as they have become established as state-of-the-art equipment for milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, honing, turning and other operations critical to manufacturing. These machines can cost up to $200,000 each, and are designed to run 24/7 in a demanding, often grueling work environment. Fires in […]

stat-x first responder

Stat-X for First Responders

What is Stat-X? The Stat-X compound is the most effective fire-extinguishing agent currently available – many times more effective than conventional agents by mass. The Stat-X First Responder contains the same compound used in the fixed Stat-X generators. The Stat-X First Responder works by interrupting the chain reaction of the fire. Potassium radicals are the […]

12-year Hydrostatic Test for Kitchen Suppression Systems

Kitchen suppression systems are designed, tested, and approved to provide fire protection for commercial kitchen cooking appliances, hoods, and ducts. The suppression systems consist of an agent storage tank, manual release station, an automatic releasing mechanism, and supply piping that directs the agent to nozzles strategically positioned at heat sources in the kitchen. NFPA 17 […]

Customize Your First Aid Program

First Aid Programs are a necessary part of any workplace to address injuries and illnesses. Basic First Aid Programs include CPR training and quick response first aid basics. Other program elements include basic first aid intervention, basic adult CPR, and universal precautions for self-protection. Your workplace First Aid Program should go further than the basics. […]

Precautions Needed for Confined Space Inspections

Life Safety inspections must be completed on all required devices, including backflow devices, regardless of where they are placed. A confined space is an enclosed area with limited space and accessibility that has the potential for a significant hazard to be present. A confined space is not necessarily designed for people to occupy it and […]

confined space

When is a Backflow Pit a Permit-Required Confined Space?

A confined space is a space that is large enough and arranged so that an employee can physically enter, but has limited or restricted means for entry and exit, and is not designed for continuous occupancy. If a confined space contains serious hazards, then OSHA defines it has a permit-required confined space. Permit-required confined spaces […]

smoke detector

Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing

Your fire safety system depends on the accurate detection of smoke by your smoke detectors. In order to ensure your smoke detectors are working properly, and able to protect your people and assets, you must have sensitivity testing completed on a regular basis. Smoke detectors are designed to function effectively within a specific range of […]

osha safety violations

Top 10 OSHA Safety Violations

Many injuries and illnesses that occur in the workplace are preventable. To assist employers in identifying and correcting hazards, OSHA publishes the list of the top 10 standards most frequently cited after an OSHA worksite inspection from the previous year. The most recent list published is from Fiscal year 2015, which was October 1, 2014 […]

safety manual

Why have a customized Safety Manual?

Every business is required by OSHA to have a written safety manual. This safety manual must cover every aspect of OSHA standards that apply to your business and operations. Because incomplete or outdated manuals can result in a fine from OSHA, it is best to have a manual customized for your business. There are a […]

Emergency Communication Options for K-12 Schools

Simplify Emergency Communications from School Districts to Classrooms Security and effective communications for K-12 schools is critical for all school systems. Schools need technology that can simplify this complex issue, create immediate emergency communication channels for administrators, staff, students, and visitors. School’s communication systems should be efficient for all school buildings, even those that are […]