Approximately 10,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur in the workplace each year. The average response time for emergency responders, once 911 is called, is 8 to 12 minutes. Waiting for the arrival of emergency responders results in survival rate of only a 5-7%.

Sudden cardiac arrest can occur to anyone at anytime. Many victims have no prior history of heart disease and are stricken without warning. Additional dangers in the workplace, such as electrocution or asphyxiation while working in a confined space, can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

An AED is the only effective treatment for restoring a regular heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest and, with the proper training, can be operated by anyone. An automated external defibrillator analyzes the heart rhythm and, if necessary, delivers an electric shock to restore proper heart function. Immediate defibrillation at a sudden cardiac arrest has shown a 60% survival rate one year after the event.

What training is involved with having an AED?

Having an AED in your workplace can save lives. AEDs are compact, battery operated, and easy to use. Your staff will be trained on using the AED and responding to a medical emergency. This training includes learning how to recognize sudden cardiac arrest and notify emergency responders, performing CPR, using an AED, and caring for the victim until emergency responders arrive. 

Where to place your AEDs?

AEDs should be conveniently installed to ensure response within 3-5 minutes. It is important to place your AED in areas where many people work closely together, such as assembly lines and office buildings. Keeping an AED close to confined spaces can provide life-saving time for individuals who experience asphyxiation in the confined space. AEDs should be available where electric-powered devices are used, and at outdoor worksites where lightning may occur. You should also keep an AED in your company fitness center and cafeteria, and at remote worksites.

AEDs save lives. These devices have a proven track record of saving lives in the workplace. Consider installing AEDs in your workplace, contact A1 for more information. 

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