Clean Agent Systems are a great way to protect your sensitive equipment and assets. It’s effective fire suppression with no water, residue or oily deposits. Now, you can extend your clean agent system by protecting several enclosed spaces from a single agent supply.

Storing clean agent tanks within your IT room can cause problems including a lack of floor space for the valuable material you need to protect. Your protected space should be reserved for the expensive assets and computer equipment for which the room is designed, not your fire suppression equipment. Most IT rooms are not designed with a large (up to 1,500 lbs) clean agent tank in mind – not the floor space, aisle size, or door width. While some property owners will build the room around the tank, this is a short-term solution.

If your clean agent system activates, your tanks will need to be removed from the room and sent to a recharging facility to be refilled with the suppression agent. If you room is modified or expanded, you may need to send your tanks to have the amount of agent increased or add tanks to your system. With a room built around the large tanks, you now have major construction in your plans which could have been avoided.

With a 725 psi clean agent system you can store your tanks in a closet, basement or mechanical room. These clean agent systems have the capability of a longer piping network which allows for tanks to be moved further from the protected area. The new “Multi-Zone” technology also allows you to protect several enclosures with a single agent supply. This design flexibility can make clean agent systems a better solution for your facility and provide more cost effective solutions.

For more in-depth information about the advantages of 725 psi clean agent systems, check out A1’s Lunch & Learns for architects and engineers.

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