Mobile access to your security assets, such as video surveillance, is an advantage and convenience for business owners. Mobile access can allow you to log into your CCTV system to view your security footage in real time. It also allows you to set up a remote security monitoring location for your surveillance system. Remote security monitoring can be an efficient means to providing security in your facility without the cost of in-house security professionals.

In order to have remote access to your security footage, it is necessary to have sufficient internet connection speed and bandwidth. One way to do this is to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which puts the camera on a separate network inside your own network.  If you do not have a VPN, then you need to ensure your connection speed/bandwidth is sufficient to handle both your business needs and your security cameras.

How much Internet Connection Speed/Bandwidth do you need for IP Cameras?

There are a number of factors involved in determining exactly how much connection speed or bandwidth you need for your IP cameras to provide a quality mobile connection. The main factors you need to consider are video recording resolution, video compression, number of cameras, and FPS (frame rate per second). Even if you are recording locally, you need to consider these items in planning your local network. There is no set amount of internet speed or bandwidth you will need to provide sufficient support for your IP cameras and video surveillance, instead your Life Safety Partner will utilize a formula based on the characteristics listed above to estimate how much you will need.

Do you have a high internet speed and your video surveillance is not running smoothly?

The high internet speed advertised to you for company use is generally the download speed – or the speed at which your company’s computers are downloading information from online. While this is great for your business, it is the upload speed that has more effect on the remote viewing of your video surveillance. Talk to your internet provider about your current upload speed, what you are utilizing it for, and what they have available for upgrading.

You can find out what your internet speed is through Google, click this link to run a speed test.

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