We’ve already discussed Photoluminescent exit signs, restrictions on which buildings can use them, and benefits of using them. (If you missed it, check that out here.)

A brief synopsis: photoluminescent exit signs have recently become popular because of their unique benefits. Not only do they require no power, batteries, or bulbs in order to function, but they also require no maintenance, and can save building owners thousands of dollars of year.

Other than Exit Signs, photoluminescent signs are great for Stair IDs. Remember, buildings that use photoluminescent signs must have controls on the ambient lighting so it’s important to have a professional check your stairways to see if they are a good place to utilize photoluminescent stair IDs. If you can use them, you will see benefits of reduced cost from electrical/battery powered signs.

Since the signs store energy from the buildings ambient lighting the signs require no connection to power, no battery, and no light bulbs they are much easier to install. The lifespan of a photoluminescent sign in normal conditions is upwards of 25 years and the light will remain visible for up to 9 hours in total darkness once it is fully “charged.”

In the event of a power outage, it’s clear that a photoluminescent sign is the way to go, they will remain visible for several hours in complete darkness. Additionally, if there was ever a fire in the building, these high visibility signs will be much more discernible through smoke than standard lights. Keeping your stairways safe is an important part of any building’s fire safety and evacuation plan.

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