The Cost of False Alarms

We all know the annoyance of false alarms – they interrupt our day and our business. According to a recent report from the NFPA, the cost of false alarms extends far beyond the time and money lost by those working where the false alarm occurs.

In 2014, according to the NFPA, in the U.S. fire departments responded to almost 2.5 million false alarms. That’s almost twice the total number of reported fires and five times the number of structure fires. Responding to false alarms costs our nation’s fire service in the form of fuel expenses, wear and tear on firefighter gear and apparatus, the risk of collision and injury during response, and a growing complacency among first responders to automatic alarms.

It is imperative that property owners and managers have the correct inspections and maintenance performed on their systems to reduce the number of false alarms and lower the overall cost currently experienced by our fire service organizations. Here are some tips from A1 on managing and minimizing false alarms.

true cost of false alarmsSource: BuildingReports<http://www,>, October 26, 2016


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Posted on: November 7, 2016

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