Fires are 100% preventable. Proper equipment paired with well-trained individuals can save businesses and lives. In fact, most work environments must have an emergency action plan, functioning extinguishers, and trained extinguisher operators. OSHA’s requirements vary from one environment to the next—typically depending on size, occupancy, industry, and personnel. The more flammable material present in a place, the more strict OSHA requirements become.

You Need Fire Extinguisher Training or Education

Regardless of OSHA’s required training and education minimums, it’s a good idea to make yourself and the people around you prepared for an emergency.

Three reasons to fire train your staff:

  • OSHA usually requires training or education anyway.
  • You may get a better insurance rating.
  • Your staff will be well prepared in the event of a fire.

Fire Extinguisher Training vs Fire Education

Do you need either extinguisher training or fire education? The difference lies in the amount of hands on learning that takes place. Training includes supplementing the normal safety protocol information with real, hands on, extinguisher practice. Education is simply providing your staff with information about proper safety procedures and protocol—no hands on extinguisher practice included.

How do you know you are giving your staff the best knowledge for their position in the company? The answer lies in who is allowed to use an extinguisher. An employee that is included in your emergency action plan as an extinguisher operator must receive training. All other employees that are not designated extinguisher operators will only need extinguisher education.

OSHA Extinguisher Training
Guide to OSHA Extinguisher Training Requirements

Where You Can Find Fire Extinguisher Training

Schools and other government organizations can have their local fire department train or educate their staff. All other companies will need to pay a certified trainer. To book training or for more information, click here.

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Will Buchholz

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Posted on: July 31, 2015


  1. I agree, training all of the staff in a workplace how to use a fire extinguisher could help to prepare them in case there’s a fire. It seems like it would be easier to remember what to do if there’s a fire by having everyone participate in hands on learning. It’s interesting that usually a designated operator would receive extinguisher training, but employees would receive extinguisher education. Personally, I would want all employees to have hands on extinguisher training instead of one designated operator so that anyone can use one if there’s a fire emergency.

  2. Fire extinguishers are amazing and extremely helpful to put out a fire. However, If anyone is like me I have no clue how to use one. My boss has been looking for ways to lower the companies insurance. From the sound of it, fire safety training can do that.

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